Templating components with RenderFragments

So far we’ve created components that generate 100% of their rendered output based on parameters, but components aren’t always that simple. Sometimes we need to create components that mix consumer-supplied mark-up with their own rendered output.

It would be very messy (not to mention unmanageable) to pass content to a component as an HTML encoded string parameter:

<Collapsible content="Lots of encoded HTML for your entire view here"/>

And, in addition to the maintenance nightmare, the embedded HTML could only be basic HTML mark-up too, no Blazor components. Basically, it’d be useless, and obviously that’s not how it should be done. The correct approach is to use a RenderFragment.

Child content

If we create a new component named Collapsible (a completely empty .razor file) we can, as you have already seen, consume that in the Index.razor page, like so:


But what if we want to embed some content? Give it a try and then look at the error in your browser’s console output.

<Collapsible>Hello world!</Collapsible>

WASM: System.InvalidOperationException: Object of type ‘TemplatedComponents.Components.Collapsible’ does not have a property matching the name ‘ChildContent’.

Error output when trying to embed content in a component not designed to expect it

The RenderFragment class

Now change the Collapsible component so that it has a property named ChildContent, a type of RenderFragment, and make sure it is decorated with a [Parameter] attribute.

@code {
	[Parameter] public RenderFragment ChildContent { get; set; }

These are the criteria Blazor uses to inject embedded content into a component. The embedded content may be anything you wish; plain text, HTML elements, more razor mark-up (including more components), and the content of that embedded content may be output anywhere in your component’s mark-up simply by adding @ChildContent.

<div class="row">
	<a href="#" @onclick="@Toggle" class="col-12">@ActionText</a>
	@if (!Collapsed)
		<div class="col-12 card card-body">

	[Parameter] public RenderFragment ChildContent { get; set; }
	[Parameter] public bool Collapsed { get; set; }

	string ActionText { get => Collapsed ? "Expand" : "Collapse"; }

	void Toggle()
		Collapsed = !Collapsed;